Boasting a long list of happy customers, it is not surprising that the number of customers that knock on Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth door are growing every month.

So have the list of happy customers grown that Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth now occupies two adjacent units at Greenbushes Industrial Park on Old Cape Road in Port Elizabeth.

People turn to Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth in the friendly city because of its long history of doing comprehensive vehicle services and performance upgrades. The team offers a full range of minor service, intermediate service and major services and is of course well known for its vehicle performance upgrades as well.

It makes perfect sense to turn to Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth for a standard vehicle service, even if the group of service centres may often be known for their performance upgrade capabilities. This is because a vehicle technician or engineer has to know the workings of an engine inside and out when fitting performance parts or optimising an engine to get the most engine power out of it. That same technician will then know perfectly how the standard engine is performing and which parts need to be inspected, which components work hard and should be replaced at a service and which parts should be cleaned and maintained with special care.

Vehicle maintenance by a specialist technician such as the team members at Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth has become ever more important as engines have become more complex, smaller in capacity and stronger. This means that the components inside the engine have to work at much higher tolerances and as such they have to be inspected regularly and maintained properly to ensure that they continue to offer the best service for the longest life span.

A general inspection of all major parts for part of every vehicle service, notably when a vehicle is booked for a major service, but also when it comes in for an intermediate service and even when the vehicle is only booked for a minor service.

Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth is fully equipped to work on both petrol and diesel engines for both services and performance upgrades. The team is a member of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) and have been accredited by the RMI as offering high quality technical services and professional and friendly service. For the same reason Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth is a proud recipient of the Automobile Association (AA) Quality Approval seal.

Apart from the range of vehicle services to any car, which includes popular choices such as the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner and others, Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth also offers a comprehensive range of vehicle performance upgrades. The team has a full range of upgrade and diagnostic services, including dyno tuning and as such it can optimise any vehicle’s performance. The team at Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth can also fit performance parts such as performance shocks, brakes, filters and install, repair or inspect items such as turbo chargers, fuel injectors and intercoolers.

As diesel and petrol specialists, Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth also has access to the full range of performance chips and plug and play systems from its partners Dastek Power and Unichip. Fitting this range of high performance parts, the team can improve the performance or fuel consumption of virtually any vehicle.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth for your next car service:

Steves Auto Clinic Port Elizabeth is open on weekdays from 07:00 to 17:00 and customers can also knock on their door on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00. You can call the team on 041 372 2301.