The ever-growing city of Nelspruit is home to one of the well-established and very busy service centres in the Steves Auto Clinic network.

Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit is situated at Dart Mechanics in 9a Wolfhaardt street in Nelspruit and it is a popular destination for people looking to service their car, bakkie or SUV. They turn to Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit because of its many years of experience and the fact that it is backed up by a trusted national franchise network that guarantees all the work done on the vehicles in the workshop.

The work done by Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit not only include popular vehicle conversions and engine performance upgrades, but also standard vehicle service s. Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit specialises in inspecting and servicing both petrol engine and diesel engine vehicles.

Many people trust Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit to service their vehicle, because in their many years of also upgrading engine performance they have built up a solid understanding of which engine parts take the most strain, how they should be inspected and what the technicians should be looking for. As one can imagine, any engineer that has opened up an engine to improve its performance will also know best what to do to an engine to make sure that it runs smoothly.

Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit has significant expertise in working on petrol vehicles and diesel vehicles.

This high level of expertise in all parts of the engine, ranging from fuel injectors to air filters, from spark plugs to cam belts, have earned the team at Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit a full AA Quality Assurance grading. That means that the Automobile Association recognises the high quality of vehicle service and customer service at Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit. The team are also a full member of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI), which means that customers can rely on the quality of service, while also having a recourse to a higher authority if they are at loggerheads with an RMI accredited dealer.

Steves Auto Clinic NelspruitĀ Minor and Major Car Services

Turning to vehicle upgrades, Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit offers a full range of vehicle performance upgrades, including turbos, intercoolers, specialised engine components such as injectors and the fuel pump and plug-and-play chip engine upgrade systems through their strategic partnership with Dastek Power and Unichip.

For the customers looking for a trusted supplier of minor service, intermediate service or major service, Steves Auto Clinic Nelspruit has all the answers. Their friendly staff will inspect and assess the vehicle and offer a service option that suits the age and workload of the car, bakkie or SUV. All services are specifically focussed on ensuring that your precious car is in the best possible condition, within a reasonable budget.

Steves Auto Clinic in Nelspruit is open from 7:30 to 17:00.