You would have surely seen the impressive Steves Auto Clinic service and upgrade facility and the Steves Auto Clinic Truck divisions on the Highway Business Park as you drive past Old Johannesburg Road on the N1 towards Centurion.


The two workshops are situated in the Highway Business Park and the vehicle service centre is around the corner for SAC Trucks on 33 Park Avenue in this business park.

Steves Auto Clinic Centurion has been operating here for many years and they have become a well known destination for anyone looking to service their car. On any given day you will find many familiar cars such as Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic cars lining up to have their engines looked at. The cars may be there for a minor service, which checks all engine oils, petrol filter and air filters and even tyre pressure. Or they may have booked an intermediate service, which includes extra items such as checking the engine, air conditioning and shock absorbers. Lastly, you can be sure that many of the cars have checked in for a major service, which checks and replaces brake pads, drum brake linings, spark plugs, filers, the vehicle’s cam belt and even anti freeze level and all coolants.

Apart from the range of services on offer at Steves Auto Clinic in Centurion you will also find many cars booking in for engine or performance upgrades. Stephen Fischer and his team has been around for over three decades and the SAC brand has become synonymous with engine performance upgrades of varying levels. The upgrades could take the form of basic performance enhancements to the improvement or addition of a turbo charger, performance engine management chip with the team from Unichip and Dastek Power and a wide range of specialist parts such as performance brakes, specialist shock absorbers, special air and fuel filters and a host of other performance parts.

All work done by SAC Centurion offer a guarantee and are backed by the workshop’s AA Quality rating, which it has held for many years and which acts as a guarantee of the quality of the service and the level of professional help on offer by the team. Steves Auto Clinic in Centurion is also a proud member of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) and as such their work is guaranteed to be of the highest standards. They are often inspected and audited to ensure that they comply to these standards.

It is important to note that at Steves Auto Clinic in Centurion the team of trained technicians are well equipped to work on both petrol engines and diesel engines. All manner of engines and vehicles can check in at SAC Centurion to have their mechanical operation checked and serviced or improved in a minor service, intermediate service or major service. The technicians and management team make use of a national proprietary database of solutions, specialist repairs and other information that they share on this database.

Steves Auto Clinic Centurion has a complete range of technical diagnostic equipment and also have a fully equipped dyno tuning station. This allows people who seek better engine optimisation, for fuel consumption or greater engine power, to make Steves Auto Clinic their one stop shop.

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Steves Auto Clinic is a proud franchise dealer member of the SAC Group. You can contact the team on 011 823 3676 for more information, a quote on vehicle repairs or any other information that you may need. The friendly staff at SAC in Centurion are always on hand to answer any questions that you may have.