Steves Auto Clinic Boksburg has upgraded its dynamometer and is welcoming everyone for a comprehensive dyno tuning service.


The popular Steves Auto Clinic service centre in Boksburg is based at 4 Herman Pieterse Road and is a regular destination for car owners looking to upgrade their vehicle’s performance or would like to have their car put on the dyno to take a look at how optimally the engine is performing.

Visitors from across the East coming to the service centre – including Boksburg, Benoni, Kempton Park and Brakpan – will find a brand new look to the dyno room, although all services and dyno tests were available during the period of upgrade.


Dyno or dyna tuning is a popular method of testing a vehicle’s performance throughout its rev range. The system is connected to state-of-the-art performance testing equipment which not only gives a good overview of the power that the engine delivers, but also allows the testers to fine-tune the engine power delivery at various points on the engine.

All Steves Auto Clinic service and performance upgrade centres have a fully operational dynamometer and are able to perform the full range of vehicle tests on this system. This allows the service centres to not only access the system for performance upgrades, but also use it if they need to diagnose any performance issue on any vehicle that they are servicing.

Dyno tuning is also a very important part of the service when a customer installs one of the range of Unichip Plug and Play systems to upgrade the vehicle’s performance through the use of vehicle engine management software.


Often performance upgrade centres will merely install a Plug and Play system that is generic for all vehicles and is imported from a foreign destination. This is problematic, as the system is not optimised for a specific brand of vehicle, or even for a specific vehicle given the owner’s requirements and the age and condition of the vehicle that the chip is fitted to.

Using a dynamometer allows the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic to test every parameter of the vehicle’s performance that is managed by the chip to ensure that it operates perfectly under all conditions. By doing this, the team knows that when the vehicle leaves the workshop it delivers the best possible performance.

The dynamometer (dyno / dyna tuning) is also a very important part of the diagnostic and upgrade system when customers approach Steves Auto Clinic for their range of Engine Control Unit (ECU) upgrades, where the engineers free up the full range of engine power that is available without the addition of a Plug and Play chip. The engineers will also keep a copy of the original engine-mapping layout to allow the customer to return to the standard mapping at any time by visiting the service centre and changing the mapping back.

Apart from vehicle performance upgrades, Steves Auto Clinic in Boksburg also offers a full range of standard services. This includes Minor services with an inspection and replacement of the necessary oils, liquids and filters, Intermediate services that include a more comprehensive vehicle inspection and a wider range of service points, and a Major service that allows for the testing and inspection of virtually every aspect of the vehicle and the replacement and servicing of all parts that need attention.

Steves Auto Clinic Boksburg is part of the national Steves Auto Clinic (SAC) Group. SAC has a separate SAC Engineering division that specialises in complex engine and engine head rebuilding. This means that no part of the work done by Steves Auto Clinic Boksburg has to go to external service providers that do not adhere to the high quality standards of Steves Auto Clinic.

Contact Steves Auto Clinic in Boksburg on (011) 823 3676.