As with all fluids that need to be regularly checked and topped up, all vehicles booked for a Minor Service at Steves Auto Clinic will receive a comprehensive tyre check.

Tyre pressure can cause a host of problems – not only loss of control, but also excessive wear and tear. This goes for over-inflated tyres as well, but is more common in the event of under-inflated tyres.

Obvious tyre damage will also be brought to the attention of the owner of any car, bakkie or SUB undergoing any service at Steves Auto Clinic.

Report a slow puncture or similar problems to the team before they start, as this needs to be done by tyre specialists.

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Unsure about the correct tyre pressure or need an expert opinion about the state of your tyres? Contact your nearest Steves Auto Clinic and book a service. You can also get more information about our Minor Car Services on our Minor Car Service pages.Find out more about our Car Services