Replace oil filter


A vehicle’s oil is its lifeblood. It lubricates the operation of the engine and helps the cooling system to ensure that the operating temperatures in the engine remain within specification.

Oil starts to lose some of its viscosity as it becomes older and it gets circulated repeatedly through the engine. To ensure that it does not become dirty and that it does not pick up unwanted particles that could damage the engine or cause higher levels of friction, the oil is circulated through an oil filter.

Inspecting and replacing the oil filter by a Steves Auto Clinic technician is done at virtually all service intervals and especially during a major oil service. It forms part of a comprehensive oil service that ensures that the oil remains clear and as viscous as is possible. This will not only ensure that the engine operates better, but it will also keep the engine in the best possible condition for longer.

Steves Auto Clinic stocks and uses all major brands of oil filters, including those manufactured by GUD and Fram. It also has access to high performance oil filters, such as those supplied by K&N Oil Filters.

The replacement of your car’s oil filter forms part of the major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.