Many modern vehicles are fitted with high capacity batteries that drive all of the various electronic components of the engine. If one considers the number of electronic and electric components on a modern vehicle, you realise how important the battery is to the vehicle and why most modern vehicles become relatively useless without a properly functioning battery.

As part of a comprehensive major vehicle service at Steves Auto Clinic, the team of technicians will also inspect the battery and top up the battery with the required liquids.

This inspection and top up of battery water will ensure that the battery not only keeps its charge, but operates correctly and at the correct load.

Steves Auto Clinic will only fill the battery with the correct type of distilled or deionised water. As owner of a vehicle you should never fill your vehicle’s battery with normal water as that will damage the battery and not assist with its operation and its ability to keep its charge.

Checking the battery water on every vehicle that is booked in for a service is a part of every major vehicle service at Steves Auto Clinic.