The timing chain is an integral part of any internal combustion engine and synchronises the operation of the crank and the camshaft.

Over time you may find that this timing chain loses some of its tension or mechanical integrity, which is why all manufacturers require that the chain (or timing belt in some engines) be replaced at pre-specified intervals.


At Steves Auto Clinic we believe that the timing chain should be inspected with every major service, as every engine in every vehicle is used differently and this could lead to very different life expectancies on the timing chain on engines in similar cars.

A failure of the timing chain will lead to major damage in the vehicle and could lead to complete engine failure. That is why the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect the timing chain with every major service and will report to the owner if the chain needs any attention.

Inspecting and reporting on the condition of the timing chain is a part of every major vehicle service.