Anti-freeze is a very important coolant in any vehicle. During very cold temperatures, the anti-freeze additive will lower the coolant’s freezing point and prevent the coolant from freezing.

If the coolant did freeze, the vehicle would not operate correctly and the coolant will not be rooted to the parts of the engine that need cooling down during use.


Many people do not realise that anti-freeze also has an important role to play in the cooling of the engine during heavy driving as well as in very hot conditions.

The same anti-freeze that stops the engine’s coolant from freezing in very cold conditions will increase the coolant’s boiling point. With a higher boiling point, the coolant will remain in liquid form for longer and this will make the coolant more effective in cooling the engine.

Inspecting the anti-freeze level in an engine is an integral part of almost every service conducted by Steves Auto Clinic. At SAC the technicians will inspect the anti-freeze coolant level in the engine and top it up as is necessary.

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