When hoisting the vehicle on a lift, the technician at Steves Auto Clinic will be able to inspect the underside of the vehicle. Many of the service elements that are part of a major vehicle service are done while the vehicle is elevated and many more service elements are conducted when the wheels have been removed.


Looking at the underside of the vehicle allows a technician at Steves Auto Clinic to inspect many of the safety critical elements such as the brakes. One of the small things that makes a service at Steves Auto Clinic such a good experience is the fact that the technician will inspect the radiator for any grass or other blockage.

One might think that grass is a strange thing to find inside radiators. That is more common than you may think, especially for a bakkie, SUV or other 4×4 that may spend a lot of time in the veld.

Grass or any other form of blockage (including mud) could prevent the radiator from operating correctly and could cause the vehicle’s temperature to increase beyond a safe level. This might not be evident immediately and could cause serious damage over time until it is rectified.

At Steves Auto Clinic the technician will clear the radiator of any grass or other blockage as part of a major vehicle service.