A fanbelt is a belt that connects more than one rotating shaft. The shafts are linked to pulleys on which the belt runs.

The fanbelt transfers power between different rotating shafts and could link several mechanical parts of the engine.

If the tension of the fanbelt is not set correctly, the power transfer between different pulleys in the engine will not be correct. At best this may lead to those annoying screeching noises you sometimes hear when starting the engine and suddenly accelerate.

A weak fanbelt may also cause undue tension on the engine and the belt and it may cause the belt to break. In some cases a broken fanbelt may only lead to a loss of power, but in most cases will lead to damage in the engine as well.

During a major car service the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will carefully inspect the tension on the fanbelt or any other belt and pulley system. They will adjust the pulleys to preserve the necessary tension and will report on any possible deterioration of the belt to the owner.

If the belt is showing wear and tear the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will be able to replace the belt. This forms part of a Major Car Service at Steves Auto Clinic.

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