In much the same way as today’s bad road surfaces can influence or affect the operation of the suspension system, that is inspected and reported on during a major vehicle service, so the exhaust system can be damaged or can deteriorate over time.


As part of every major service the team at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect the entire exhaust system to make sure that it is without leaks, cracks or holes. Such problems in the exhaust system have the ability to cause significant noise when the owner is driving, while it also reduces the amount of backpressure on the pipe. A certain amount of pressure is required to allow the engine to function correctly and deliver the necessary power.

Steves Auto Clinic has been a proud stockist of all Sportflo Exhaust Systems and it has a range of performance exhausts that can add significant additional power to virtually any vehicle.

A thorough inspection of the a vehicle’s exhaust system is part of every major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.