You may be surprised at how hot an engine becomes when you drive it at high speeds or in stop-and-go traffic during the day. It is therefore very important that the engine is cooled at all times.


The cooling of the engine is done by the engine’s cooling system, which includes a radiator and a cooling system that runs throughout the engine.

At Steves Auto Clinic the team of technicians will inspect the cooling system to ensure that it works according to its design specification and keeps the engine running at the optimal temperature. This will not only prevent the engine to overheat, but will ensure that the engine lasts longer because it is not under constant excessive heat stress.

As part of the inspection of the cooling system the engineers will check the system for leaks. A leak may be very small, but it could still lead to the loss of engine coolant. Over time the coolant will leak out and it will cause the engine to overheat.

By inspecting the coolant system for leaks the technicians will make sure that you are not surprised by a sudden increase in engine heat during a long trip or in stop-and-go city traffic.

Inspecting the coolant is part of every major automotive service at Steves Auto Clinic.