You may not realise it, but the suspension system found in a car, bakkie or SUV is a critical part of its road holding capabilities. As such one would consider the suspension an important safety critical system.


Your vehicle’s suspension system consists of many different components of which certain parts, such as the shock absorbers or bushes, wear out over time, while certain components such as the coil springs or struts may last for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Unfortunately virtually every town and city in South Africa has its share of potholes and bad road surfaces and this causes a greater strain on the operation and durability of the vehicle’s suspension system.

At Steves Auto Clinic the technicians will inspect the entire suspension system when the vehicle is booked for a major service. At this inspection the team will be able to establish what the condition of every part and component of the suspension system is and will be able to advise the owner if any part thereof needs any special service or replacement.

The technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect the suspension components every time the vehicle is booked for a Major car service at any of its branches nationwide.