As part of the comprehensive inspection of virtually every part of a vehicle that is booked for a Major car service, the team of technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect and grease all the latches slightly. This will ensure that all of the latches operate smoothly and provide the best service to the customer.


Steves Auto Clinic is very focussed on providing a customer with the best possible service and once a vehicle has been booked for a service at SAC it must feel and drive much better than it did before.

Because all the latches and locks on a modern car areĀ used regularly, they may become worn or lose some of their lubrication over time. The team will inspect and service all of the locks and add lubrication as required to all locks and latches.

Greasing all latches and servicing all locks and latches are part of a major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.