Consider for one moment the hard life of any gearbox in a busy South African city. In peak hour traffic in the morning and late afternoon or early evening the gearbox works extremely hard by constantly shifting from first to second gear and back again while the car creeps forward at a snail’s pace.


The gearbox in these city-bound vehicles work hard and require the appropriate level of oil lubrication to ensure that gear changes are slick, positive and that there are no exposed metal parts above the oil level that could wear against each other and cause the gearbox to be damaged over time.

To ensure that the gearbox operates at its highest possible levels, the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect the gearbox oil of your vehicle and will refill the oil to the necessary level. This is done with skill, as a too high oil level could also be detrimental to the operation of the gearbox.

The process of testing and inspecting the gearbox, inspecting the oil level inside the gearbox and refilling the oil inside the gearbox to the desired level is an important part of every major vehicle service at Steves Auto Clinic.