Replace the Fuel Filter


A fuel filter, much like any filter such as the air filter and the clean air filter that is fitted to your car’s air conditioning system, will start to fill up with the impurities that it has filtered from the fuel system. This happens over a period of time and is influenced by many factors, including the quality of the petrol or diesel that the engine is fed with.

At Steves Auto Clinic the technicians will inspect the fuel filter at all services and will advise the customer when it is an appropriate time to replace the filter.

During a major service the fuel filter will also be inspected, but at this interval the technician will in most cases remove the filter and replace it. The most vehicle manufacturers list the inspection and replacement of a fuel filter as part of the activities that must be done during a major service.

Steves Auto Clinic has a good working knowledge of the best fuel filter for most engines and for all fuel types, whether it be petrol or diesel. They stock the most makes of high quality fuel filters such as GUD, Bosch fuel filters and Fram fuel filters.

Replacing the fuel filter forms part of the comprehensive range of services done during a major vehicle service.