Check warning lights and instrumentation


Your vehicle’s warning lights and other instrumentation, such as the temperature gauge, will warn you of anything that its not within its normal operating range. A warning light on your vehicle is the first sign of a problem in the engine bay and many modern vehicles will also provide some form of audible warning or even display a warning message on the instrument cluster.

It is important to immediately consult your Steves Auto Clinic technical expert when you encounter a warning light or warning message and it is very important to stop the vehicle immediately if the warning light is red.

Your nearest Steves Auto Clinic will be able to assist you with vehicle tow-in services if necessary, but stopping your vehicle the moment you see a red warning light will ensure that no further damage is caused to the engine. It may just be the difference between a small and a large repair bill.

At Steves Auto Clinic the inspection of the instrumentation cluster will ensure that all warning lights and other information signals are working correctly. The team will also test the working of the speedometer and the rev counter to make sure that they are operating within their specified operational parameters.