The accelerator pedal is one of the moving parts in your car, bakkie or SUV that moves the most and at Steves Auto Clinic the technicians will inspect the operation of this pedal to make sure that it works smoothly and properly.


The correct operation of the accelerator pedal is very important, as it is the direct signal to the throttle opening inside the engine. In older vehicles this is a mechanical link that must be tested to make sure that it provides the full range of throttle openings. In some modern cars this link is electronic and the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will test the signals that the throttle sends to the vehicle’s electronic control unit.

By inspecting the accelerator pedal during a routine vehicle service, the team at Steves Auto Clinic ensures that you are never caught off guard when you require full engine power and step on the accelerator, for instance when you want to pass a slow moving vehicle.

The checking of your Accelerator Pedal and Full Throttle is part of every time you take your vehicle in for a major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.