Check the fuel filter and report on the condition of the fuel filter

South African fuels are not produced to the same high standards as European fuels, as the regulation in South Africa remain several years behind that of Europe. In Europe the average level of sulphur in diesel is estimated to be below 10 parts per million (ppm) and 500 ppm diesel – which is commonly used in South Africa – is forbidden in many areas.

The same applies to the quality of petrol found in South Africa, which is said to be more corrosive than that found in countries in Europe and the USA. This makes the fitment and regular replacement of a good quality fuel filter of the utmost importance.

The challenge is that the engines designed and built in developed countries such as Japan, the USA and parts of Europe have to operate in South Africa under local conditions and with consideration of the local fuel quality.

With this in mind it is prudent to inspect your fuel filter regularly and replace it often to ensure that any dirty particles that could damage the engine is removed. Steves Auto Clinic technicians inspect and replace the fuel filter as part of most services and it is part of a major vehicle service.

Steves Auto Clinic stocks and fits all major brands of fuel filters, including those manufactured by well-known manufacturers GUD, Bosch and Fram.

The Fuel Filter check and report forms part of the things we look at when you do a major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.