During a major service at Steves Auto Clinic every vehicle’s pedal operation will be inspected. This includes the way in which the clutch pedal travels and squeaks.


Inspecting the travel and squeak of the clutch pedal will allow the technician to identify any irritation that the driver may be experiencing, but it also provides very subtle signals of any underlying concern with the operation of the clutch plate and its various parts and components.

Keep in mind that the clutch plate is a wear and tear item that needs to be replaced after a certain period of time or at specifically specified intervals. The clutch pedal may need more attention when the driver uses it more often, such as city-bound drivers that spend many hours behind the wheel in peak hour traffic, and when the driver’s driving style is such that it wears the clutch plate down.

Any concern with the operation of the clutch pedal will be reported to the vehicle owner.

At the same time the technician at Steves Auto Clinic will inspect the travel and squeaking of the brake pedal.

In similar fashion to the clutch, the brakes wear down over time and a significant travel of the brake pedal may signal that the brakes need to be set (especially in the case of drum brakes) or that the brake pads may have worn down and need replacement.

A squeaking pedal may also just need a service to ensure its smooth operation and to remove any possible irritation from the driver.

Inspecting the clutch pedal and brake pedal is part of every major vehicle service at Steves Auto Clinic.