There is little doubt about the importance of good working brakes on any vehicle and as such it Is one of the parts of the car, bakkie or SUV that are inspected during a major car service at Steves Auto Clinic.


Brake pads that work with brake discs and break shoes at work with drum brakes are designed to wear out over time. The pattern of wear and the life-cycle of either the brake pads or brake shoes will vary with every make and model of car an often with different cars of the same make and model as different people drive these cars, bakkies or SUVs and their driving style and braking style will differ.

It is also important to consider the usage of different cars and even cars of the same make and model. Some cars may spend a great deal of time in the traffic, which may lead to a lot of braking, while other cars may have had their performance upgraded, which will mean that the brakes will also work harder to stop the vehicle.

At Steves Auto Clinic our technicians will inspect condition of the brake pads and brake shoes during the appropriate services. If they feel that the pads have worn to a dangerous point or that the brake shoes have neared the end of their operating life, they will inform the owner and recommend the fitment of the correct new brake pads.

Customers that visit Steves Auto Clinic are welcome to request a brake inspectaion at any service interval. They can also request a standard brake service, at which time the technicians will only inspect and service the car’s brakes.

Steves Auto Clinic are stockists of Ferodo performance brake pads. These pads and shoes are designed to work with all major vehicle brands and Ferodo is also a supplier to many of the major vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Customers who would like to fit performance brakes to their vehicle would also be well advised to contact their nearest Steves Auto Clinic for more information on the options available and the cost of upgrading or replacing their brake pads or brake shoes.