As part of an Intermediate Car Service at Steves Auto Clinic we will inspect the condition of your fanbelt. In modern cars the fanbelt drives more components than just the fan. Modern day fanbelts play a very important role in a car, bakkie or SUV, and drive things like the alternator, power steering, power pump and air conditioning.


It is important that the fanbelt is always in good working condition. At Steves Auto Clinic we will check the condition of the fanbelt as part of an Intermediate car service and perform preventative maintenance to ensure the fanbelt doesn’t brake while you are on the road.

By performing preventative maintenance on the fanbelt we reduce the risk of the fanbelt breaking while you are on the road. If the fanbelt breaks while driving you will be stranded and it could lead to more damage to the enigine. This regular check-up of your fanbelt could potentially save you money.