You definitely don’t want to find out these warning devices don’t work when you need them, but don’t worry – at Steves Auto Clinic the technicians test them using diagnostic equipment, not by abusing your car in a road test!

The same goes for warning lights for things like engine temperature and fluid levels – if the warning lights and buzzers and alarms don’t work, you will only find out about it when it is far too late…

On the other hand some lights may be on and may point to a concern under the bonnet. At Steves Auto Clinic our team of trained technicians will play the role of sleuth and will follow any warning light down to its root cause. That means that when you bring your vehicle in with a burning warning light, we will not just cancel the light and give the car back to you. We will make sure that during your intermediate vehicle service your car is serviced properly and that any problem is clearly identified and rectified.