In some countries a hooter is used for anything and everything else than the reason it is actually designed for, including South Africa. So if you are not driving a taxi using this safety device for the wrong reason, the same goes as with any other warning device in your car – if it is out of order, you will probably only find out about it when you need it most and it might be too late.

A working hooter is a safety critical item on the roadworthy check list! This is one safety device that the technicians at Steves Auto Clinic will test by using it – luckily it’s not an airbag.

Checking the operation of the hooter is one of the many small, but important checks that is performed by the team from Steves Auto Clinic during your intermediate service. The technicians are well trained to inspect and correct any problem quickly and report back to the owner if it is a larger problem that will be costly to repair.